What’s Love Got to Do With It? Everything!

We have the verse memorized: John 3:16. It’s just one of the many scriptures in the Bible that tell us how much God loves us. But let’s think a minute about that word love. I love fried chicken and horses and NCIS. My daughters and I often close our texts to each other with “Love you!” We mean it too. But when we talk about God’s love, we mean something much more because God IS love. Love when you speak of God’s love is eternal love in action. It’s active, not passive love. His love encompasses everyone, saint and sinner. He gave his life for everyone who has ever lived or will live. God’s love is overwhelming, overpowering, humongous love, radiating throughout the universe and beyond. How can I say that? Because God is omnipresent; he’s everywhere at all times and God is love. That love was what Jesus was talking about when he gave his command to love God and neighbor. That love can be accomplished only through the power of the Holy Spirit actively working in our lives.

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