Take a Break

Sure, I can do this, no problem. “Take a break from social media” is the matchstick suggestion for this week. Let me think now, what does all that entail? Facebook and Twitter come to mind, and Instagram—is that it? No, those are just a few of the many online sources we have now that we take for granted. The social media sites are also where we get our instant news. A front-page headline on my newspaper today speculates on a jury decision in a murder trial, but I already know the outcome because it popped up on my phone. Social media is how members of my family stay connected, especially the younger ones. My Facebook account looks more like family-friends scrapbooks and a prayer list than anything else. Of course, with lots of cute animal pics and videos included. (I hide or block the nasty political diatribes—both sides.) Twitter and Facebook headlines also show up in my email. Well, maybe this won’t be as easy as I thought.

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