Are You a Bad Christian?

How are you feeling today? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Sometimes, if you’re like me, you can feel overwhelmed by something you’ve said or done that might have hurt another person or certainly not been the best Christian example. OK, I hope you’ve repented, asked for forgiveness and put it behind you already. In my various readings (I read a lot), I once read that no matter whether you feel you’re the best Christian or not, even if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of Scripture or theology or often fail to achieve the Christian standards you’ve set for yourself, if the world just followed your “poor” Christian example, it would be a tremendous change for the better. Think about it. No more murder or rape or theft. No need of prisons or of mass weapons of destruction because nobody wants to kill anybody. No, the world still wouldn’t be heaven on earth, but it would sure be a lot better place than it is right now. So, don’t dwell on past sins, already forgiven and forgotten, and thank God you have Jesus in your life!

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