Animals–God’s Gift

I hope you’re joining me in some of my matchstick suggestions, because this is a good one: “Spend some time around animals.” Not all animals are safe and tame now, but those that are truly give us joy. I’m not alone in my love for animals. We spend multiple thousands of dollars a year on our animals. And, how about our support animals, mostly dogs, but even birds and horses can be support animals. Veterans find working with horses calms their PTSD anxieties. I don’t need a support animal, but I’m thinking of getting one of the calmer dogs such as a Labrador retriever. Yes, it’s going to cost me. My yard will have to have a fenced-off area for her. I’ll need a door replaced to allow her a doggy door entrance, and there’s vet bills and kennel fees when I’m away and dog food to consider. Whoa! Maybe I’d better rethink this and just be happy enjoying my “granddogs.” Thank you, Lord, for creating this wondrous menagerie of animal life to amuse, amaze and support us in so many ways.

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