A Matter of Perspective

I was in a hurry—a big hurry—and the meeting had gone overtime. I scurried out the door thinking, no way I’m going to make it. But, I was going to try. Don’t you hate it when you promise someone you’ll meet them at a certain time, and it seems everything works against you. I had a drive ahead of me, so I prayed, “God, help me make all the lights!” Incredibly, as I left the city, it was looking good, when all of a sudden, the traffic came to a complete stop. What? Surely this won’t last long, but it did. How frustrating! We were stuck. Pickups and SUVs began leaving the interstate, driving down into a grassy ditch to reach the frontage road. Finally, I thought if they can do it, I can. So down the slope I went and shot up the other side to the frontage road, on my way again, past all the stalled traffic. Later on the news, I learned what the problem was. The police shut down the interstate because someone had jumped from an overpass onto the highway. My little traffic problem didn’t seem so significant anymore.

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