It’s All God

I’m on the schedule to lead communion this Sunday so I’ve had that special service on my mind all week. We know when Christ initiated this ceremony, it symbolized him fulfilling the old covenant and founding the new covenant. In the Christian community we call it by different names, the Eucharist, the Last or Lord’s Supper, communion. Some celebrate the Mass. But all recognize the importance of commemorating this reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for all humanity. Without that sacrifice no salvation for us. It made me think, we didn’t ask to be created, and once created we didn’t ask to be saved. Just leave us alone, God, to do our own thing. Just like us, Israel didn’t ask to be God’s nation. They resented God’s interference in their lives and rebelled against it. It’s all God—all in God’s plan for us—our creation and our salvation into eternal life with him. In his mercy and gracious love he brought us into being and wants us in his family so much he gave his life for us. How huge is that!

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