Help, I Don’t Cook!

What? But I don’t cook! Not much anyway. This week’s matchstick suggestion: “Make a double batch of cookies—or triple your soup recipe—and share freely.” Being by myself, I rarely cook anymore. Of course, there’s the various potluck item I need to make or when holidays come around, but otherwise my cooking doesn’t go much beyond boiling or scrambling an egg or making toast. I’m only exaggerating a little. But this reminded me, speaking of sharing, I’ve been wanting to share a recipe with you I got from a friend. It’s called Protein Pancakes. If you can call any pancakes healthy, protein pancakes are the healthiest. Here goes: rolled oats (1 cup); full-fat cottage cheese (1 cup); egg whites (1 cup or use 4 whole eggs if you like); vanilla (1 tsp.); cinnamon; avocado oil to grease pan. I also include some chopped walnuts in mine to add a bit of crunchiness. This recipe serves two people so I cut it in half. Top your pancakes with pure maple syrup and enjoy. I just had some this morning and they were delicious!

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