What’s the Score?

After church Sunday, I stopped by Costco to pick up a few items for myself and my youngest daughter. We don’t have a Costco up north where we live. The Cowboys and Redskins game started at noon, so as I was checking out I wondered what the score was. I could have looked it up, but the young guy putting my groceries in my cart was big and tall and looked like he could be a football player himself. I figured he would know. So as I was paying I asked him if he knew the score. As it turned out, he had been too busy to check lately. He pulled out his phone and asked Siri but Siri wasn’t responding. I didn’t want to hold up the line, so I told him it was OK and went on my way. Before I could get to the exit, here he came running up behind me, saying, “14 to 7.” I asked, “Cowboys?”  He said, “Yes,” as he hurried back to his station. I hope he didn’t lose his job over this. We take our football seriously in Texas. (The Cowboys went on to win 31 to 21.)

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