Obsessed With Jesus

I love Jesus. The older I get the more obsessed I am with learning about God’s nature. And every book I read points me right back to Jesus. If I want to understand the nature of God my study has to be about Jesus, because that’s how God chose to reveal himself. Where do you learn about Jesus? In the Gospels, of course, but also all through the Old Testament as well. We forget sometimes that the Hebrew Scriptures were the scriptures Jesus and the apostles used to proclaim the gospel message. Jesus can be found throughout the Bible. When I think about how Almighty God was incarnated as a human—a real live human—so he could live, die and be resurrected to save us, I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving. Jesus lived a perfect life every single day, facing and overcoming every temptation—every day of his life—to restore human nature back to how he originally created it. Though he was both God and human, the human part wasn’t easy. He fasted more than a month to be able to face Satan’s wiles. He often got away to himself and prayed all night. He learned obedience by overcoming every sin. Before the crucifixion he sweat blood and wept as he yearned and hoped for another way, yet submitted to his Father’s will. He cried out on the cross in anguish as he felt forsaken by his Father. All this for us. I love Jesus!

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