Simple Sensory Pleasures

This week’s matchstick suggestion is a good reminder: “Enjoy simple sensory pleasures—a fresh clean towel or ice-cold lemonade.” In our busy routines we can overlook some of the pleasures God created for us to enjoy every day. Let’s be grateful for those five senses he has given us. We certainly notice the pain when those same senses warn us about some problem we’re having. Why not pay more attention to the many pleasures we often take for granted. My friends Jerry and Paula have been bringing me fresh tomatoes and okra from their garden. What can be better than biting into a fresh, vine-ripened tomato! And, I love frying up a pan of okra doused in flour and cornmeal batter. (It’s a Southern thing.) Along with the enjoyment of food, the smell of fresh baked bread, the sound of raindrops falling on a roof, the sight of a beautiful sunset, the touch of a child’s hand in yours, all God created for our pleasure. Thank you, Lord!

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