Lights Out!

I was with my daughter watching one of her favorite TV shows, Songland, when my cellphone rang. It was Tim. “Hello, Miss Sheila, sorry to call so late, but are you all right? There’re no lights on at your house.” (Tim and wife Janelle have always called me Miss Sheila since I’ve known them. It’s a Southern thing.) I assured him I was fine, just out later than usual at my daughter’s. But he told me it was pitch black, no lights at all around my house. Unknown to me the light-sensitive lamp on the shed in the back had burnt out, and I hadn’t left the outer garage lights on either. I’m almost surrounded by woods, so when no lights are on at night, it’s dark indeed. It’s nice to know my neighbors cared enough to call. It reminded me when I noticed one of my neighbors not walking her dog, I called her. That’s how I learned she was mourning the loss of her longtime pet. It’s good to check up on your neighbors once in a while.

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