On Our Way to Saint Jo

“Where are we going for dinner?” or “supper” when Jerry asks that question. I wasn’t sure if they would go for it, but I suggested a restaurant in Saint Jo, a little town 25 miles west of Gainesville. Cowgirl artist Donna Howell Sickles’ art gallery is there, along with the Lazy Heart restaurant. So we loaded up in Jerry’s SUV and went on Saturday. It was one of those hot Texas summer days, but cool in the gallery and restaurant. After touring through the gallery’s wonderful Western paintings and sculpture, all of which we couldn’t afford, we walked past the gun shop and the custom boot shop to the Lazy Heart. We were early and it was quiet, but not for long. I couldn’t believe it. The owner of the restaurant recognized Jerry immediately and came over to talk. Then another couple came in who knew Jerry and Billie Jean. Then another and then another. It seems we’re going to have to go a lot farther than 25 miles if we want a quiet sit-down meal. Paula and I are used to having our meals interrupted for those two extroverts, but 25 miles away from home?

2 thoughts on “On Our Way to Saint Jo

  1. Ha! I love this….and I am one of those extroverts. Yesterday I met my granddaughter halfway between our homes for lunch at an Indian restaurant…..where the owner gives me a hug and sits to visit with me until whoever I am meeting arrives….. Extroverts and introverts are all fun when loving our neighbor is involved!!!


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