A Prayer Quilt–What’s That?

Once when I was at my friend Ginger’s house, I saw she was making a small quilt. I was surprised because I know Ginger as a wonderful artist who paints in oils and other mediums. She makes quilts too! She told me they were prayer quilts that she donates to rest homes and other organizations. I hadn’t heard of prayer quilts before, but I asked: “When are you going to make me one? I want one with horses on it.” She laughed and said she would. That was months ago and I had about forgotten about it when she texted me from her Wyoming ranch asking what I needed prayers for. (She’s a horse woman and a real cowgirl too and she and her husband spend their summers working at their ranch.) She had finished the quilt and she and others there were planning to pray over it last Sunday. I told her I was going to be speaking at a women’s conference in California in a few months, and I would really appreciate their prayers. I hope I get my quilt in time to take it with me as a reminder of my thoughtful friend.

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