Random Acts

This week it’s, “Engage in random acts of kindness for strangers.” We’ve heard that matchstick suggestion before and it’s a good one. I do that every so often but not enough and I appreciate the reminder. Maybe you’ve heard of Jesus tips too. That’s when after a meal out you give your server an extra-large tip (in cash, if using a credit card) on top of your usual tip. And, you tell them it’s from Jesus; it’s a Jesus tip. I’ve done that a few times, and that can start a conversation. Not always, usually it’s just a surprised look, a big smile and a grateful thank you. But sometimes your gift peaks people’s curiosity and they want to know why you’re doing this. Doing random acts of kindness or giving Jesus tips are ways to show my appreciation for all the ways God has blessed me. The name “Jesus tip” is appropriate because God is so generous. It’s part of his godly nature. His blessings fall on everyone, even on those who don’t appreciate them or even believe in him. He is love! I want to be like him.





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