That’s all it said, Why? I saw it on a church sign out in the country near where I live. Why indeed, but which “why” does it mean? Why suffering and sin in the world? Why did my loved one have to die? Why doesn’t God always answer my prayers? Why me, Lord? Many are the “whys” in our lives and maybe that’s what the sign is pointing out. Here in Texas I’ve seen the sign “Jesus is the answer” tacked to telephone poles or fence posts. Maybe you’ve seen that sign too. On one I saw someone had added, “What’s the question?” Well, many times, as the church sign points out, the question is Why? And, the answer is Jesus. We won’t know why all the “whys” in this world. That’s why we look to Jesus in faith, that’s he wants the best for us, that he’s in control, that’s he’s got it all covered. Jesus is the answer–to all our Whys.

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