What Have You Accomplished Today?


The matchstick suggestion for this week, what have I accomplished? I did write a blog today. I guess that counts. The old truck is now state inspected and reregistered. I checked on one of my neighbors who had to put her beloved dog down. His name was Mo because he came from Missouri. She’s having a hard time because she’s a widow and he had become part of her family. As everyone knows, we accomplish hundreds of little things every day, from making our beds to paying our bills and mowing our yards. Though I don’t mow my acre-size yard anymore, I am busy with a lot of other chores. But when I think of accomplishments, I think of something more major than emptying the dishwasher. Theologian Henri Nouwen once wrote that everything we do is God’s work, from washing the dishes to emptying the trash. That’s the way he looked at all his responsibilities, big or small. He included Jesus in every aspect of his life. So maybe I have accomplished something today. 

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