I Don’t Like It, But I Do It.

I have to admit it’s true. As this week’s matchstick suggestion says: “Exercise—it’s a proven mood lifter.” I can’t say I’m in the best of moods when I think about exercising. I’m not a jock. I don’t like it, but I exercise regularly, and afterward I feel energized and happy. The endorphins kick right in. You’ve heard the sayings, “Use it or lose it.” “No pain, no gain.” I agree with the first, not so sure about the second. Pain happens for a reason. It’s like an alarm, designed to warn us of danger to our bodies. Even the experts agree, if a certain exercise is causing excessive pain to one of our joints, we should probably not be doing that exercise. Exercise is like most things, good in moderation, not so good in excess. So why do I do what I don’t like? Because I like even less what a lack of exercise can cause, everything from heart problems to early dementia. Exercise is the best medicine I can take and it doesn’t cost me a thing. 

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