It’s Not Easy Being a Good Samaritan Today

I’ve mentioned that I volunteer at a Home Hospice Office. Last week I was asked to update my personal files. Those files include a conflict of interest policy with disclosure statements and confidentiality agreements. They have documents on sexual abuse, a criminal history background check and media publicity release. Copies of my driver’s license and auto insurance are in there as well. I know these documents are necessary today, but it’s sad that it takes all that official paperwork to be able to help other people and not worry about being sued. It reminds me that we live in a totally different world from our parents and grandparents. People didn’t use to be so concerned about checking on those stopped alongside the road or worried about rushing in to help someone who had fallen or fainted or been otherwise disabled. But all that bureaucracy shouldn’t discourage us from helping: fill out the paperwork, take the CPR training and remember we have cell phones that can get a professional out in a hurry.






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