Who’s Who? Jesus Is Who!

Have you ever gotten a letter from Marquis Who’s Who? It’s an organization that will put your name and education and achievements in a book, and then offer you the overpriced book. I’ve just tossed them before, but I decided to look at this one because I noticed it included a biographical form with information on me that doesn’t even appear on the internet. What’s with that? It even had my mother’s maiden name, which I sometimes use as part of my identity. Is there no privacy anymore? I think we can all answer that—no! But it made me think. Are those degrees and those career achievements really who I am? Does my education and my work define me? It’s easy enough to think so, but they actually don’t. If education and work is all who we are, that’s all gone when we die. As Christians our identity is in Christ. We have died and been resurrected in him to a new life. The only book we should be happy our names are in is the Book of Life! 

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