“Whistle, Sing, or Dance”

This week’s matchstick suggestion is fun: “Whistle, sing, or dance while doing household chores.” Whistle is out for me. I can call a dog, but otherwise I’m not so great, so I’ll probably sing or dance or both. My daughters and I love to dance; wherever dancing is happening, we’re on the floor. I enjoy a weekly line dancing class too. Dancing is great exercise and good for the coordination. Dancing, along with singing, can be an act of worship as well. I’ve seen some beautifully choreographed worship dances in churches and conferences I’ve visited. And, of course, we remember reading about King David dancing before the Ark of the Covenant when it was brought to Jerusalem. Worship comes in many forms, certainly in study, prayer and meditation, but also in service to others. I believe we would be surprised if we knew what all God considers worship. 

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