Spring Fever

My flower beds have been soaked by the heavy rains we’ve had in north Texas and some of the mulch has washed out. So when the Home Depot guy showed me some cypress blend mulch that supposedly stays put, I bought a bunch of bags. I’ve not remulched (if that’s a word) before, but I thought how hard can it be. I got out early today, enjoying the morning coolness and the scent of honeysuckle from a large patch in bloom in my backyard. The bags were heavy so I put several at a time in my golf cart and drove them around to the flower beds. I figured about a dozen bags or so would be enough. No, not enough to fill even one flower bed. But I’ve got more flower beds and the shrubs and other plants around the house need mulch too. OK, so I’m a novice at mulching, but I’m learning fast. I have a big yard, and after two hours of wrestling 40-pound bags of mulch, what I’ve learned already is I’m going to hire someone to finish the job! 

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