Superwoman Syndrome

Well, finally an easy matchstick suggestion, possibly the easiest. This week: “Indulge in a weekend nap.” It made me think about rest. God encourages us to rest from our labors and to rest spiritually as well. Sabbath rest one day a week is good for us, physically and spiritually (as long as we don’t go all legalistic and worship a day). Before I retired it wasn’t unusual for me to get sleep deprived. My days were long and my nights short. My work wasn’t 8 to 5, weekends free. When I look back now, I wonder why. Part of it was upholding the superwoman image I had of myself, I’m sure. But superwomen can sometimes forget life and the cosmos can get along quite well without them killing themselves. Another reason might have been to push out thoughts I didn’t want to think about. But I needed to have time to think. I needed time with my Lord so he could reassure me he’s in control. He has a plan. It’s going to be all right. Retreats are good. Silence and solitude with him is good. All you superwomen out there, they still are.


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