“Me First!”

“Let someone go ahead of you in line,” is the matchbox suggestion this week. Not much of a sacrifice under normal circumstances. The problem comes when we’re in a big hurry. Or sometimes even when we’re not in a hurry, we might speed up while driving because we don’t like people cutting in front of us. One time a woman sped up, honking her horn, to get ahead of me to a gas pump. She got out of her car, shouting at me. I realized she thought I was trying to get there before her. I wasn’t, but she was so furious there was no explaining so I drove on. It made me think about how many people have gotten shot arguing over parking spots or in road-rage incidents. “Me first” seems to be our unspoken mantra. That’s just the opposite of what Christ would have us do, of course. So, I’m saying, “You first” instead of “Me first” and hoping that stays in my memory bank longer than just a week. (Yes, even while driving!)


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