“I’m Having…”

“I don’t know what I want,” Jerry said. Jerry is my friend Paula’s husband. His sister-in-law, Mary Jean, said she thought she would have the shrimp. “No, the last time I had it, it wasn’t that good,” Jerry said. “Maybe I’ll have the chicken livers or the chicken-fried steak. What are you having,” he asked me. “I’m having the trout,” I said. “Maybe I’ll have that, or maybe I’ll have the shrimp.” Mary Jean smiled. I said, “Jerry, you’re doing your thinking out loud.” With a grin he asked, “Do you want me to shut up?” “No,” I said. So he continued through the menu. Actually, Mary Jean and I were enjoying hearing him going in circles trying to make up his mind. Eight of us were around the table, but the others were concentrating on what they wanted to order and not paying attention to Jerry. The waitress came. Mary Jean and I ordered trout and then waited to hear from Jerry. With no hesitation, he said, “I’ll have the chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes and white gravy along with pinto beans and fried okra.” Mary Jean and I smiled. Jerry had made up his mind. I love living in Texas!

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