100 and Still Counting

Sunday afternoon after church, I attended a 100th birthday celebration for a choir friend’s mother. Miss Louella (we sometimes add an honorary miss or aunt here in the South) was dressed all in light rosy pink with a shiny tiara crowning her white hair. When I told her how pretty she looked, she smiled and asked if I’d had any of her birthday cake yet. She still gets around with a cane or walker, plays bridge and is quite witty. Her daughter said 100 doesn’t look so bad if we could all be like her mother. I hope she really believes that because she may very well have the genes to live that long as well. Several weeks ago when she asked her mother if there was anything special she would like at the celebration, Miss Louella said she wanted 100 balloons released. And, she wanted those balloons released whether in celebration of her life or death, whichever came first.


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