Too Much Yellow

Last week I signed up for an art workshop. I packed my car with art supplies and began my trip to the college where the workshop was to take place. Then I got stopped in a line of cars by a very long and a very slow freight train. Maybe I’ll just be a little late. When I got there, I found myself in a maze of buildings. I drove around until I finally found the right building and went in to look for the workshop room. I was 20 minutes late by this time and all the artists had already started their projects. It would take another 10 minutes or so to get set up. Did I mention this was a workshop with a well-known Western artist? I thought I would be painting horses and cowboys or cowgirls. When I walked in, I saw everyone was working on a painting of lemons piled high in a yellow bowl. I quietly left, thanking God I had a good excuse. Now, I know some in there painted beautiful still-life paintings that day. But, too much yellow and too little horse action for me.


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