Three Little Words

Three little words. No, not I love you, but close, ”I forgive you.” Those words are wonderful to hear if you have slighted or hurt someone. But, to say I forgive you to one who has hurt you is not always so easy. We know we should forgive, but depending on the circumstances, may not feel we can. I remember one time thinking there’s not a person I couldn’t forgive, especially another Christian. (Be careful when you think you know yourself.) That’s when an acquaintance, out of careless disregard, deeply hurt one of my daughters. Though they asked for forgiveness, the damage was irreparable. I was angry, and I stayed angry for quite some time. I learned it’s easier to forgive a hurt to yourself than to someone you love. I admire those parents who can even forgive someone who has savagely assaulted and murdered their child. The book “The Shack” comes to mind. But then a thought comes, didn’t God forgive you for causing his Child to be savagely assaulted and murdered? Yes, he did! Lord, give me a forgiving heart.


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