The Joy of Flowers

My matchbox suggestion this week: “Brighten someone else’s day—or your own—with fresh flowers.” I did that Saturday for one of my daughter’s. It was a special day for her. God must have thought so too because the first daffodil bloomed in her garden today, on this below freezing morning. Now, that’s a fresh flower! What is it about fresh flowers that brings so much joy? If you closely examine even the tiniest flower struggling to show itself among the grass in your lawn, the various shades of color, the delicate petals, the perfect design, it inspires thoughts of the great Designer. Our God has created so much around us to bring us joy, if we will just notice. It seems a little self-serving to buy flowers for myself this week, but I think I will anyway. I do love fresh flowers. And, while I’m at it, I’m wondering who else’s day might need brightening.


One thought on “The Joy of Flowers

  1. Hi, Sheila. I remember a field that used to have a house which had long since disappeared, but the Siberian irises were in full bloom. I happened upon them and was so thankful for their beauty. My son and I dug some up because they were not being appreciated where they were and I later found that other people had discovered them also. They bloomed very well in my yard! I’ve also come upon flowers blooming in the wild with no one around to appreciate them and to me that’s an indication that God likes to spread beauty everywhere.

    Cathy Emerson (Seattle area)


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