Make a “List”

Oh come on! I hate doing stuff like this. The matchstick for this week, “Make a list of things you like about yourself.” If you are new to what I’m talking about, one of my daughters gave me a matchbox with “50 ways to celebrate the everyday” on it. So I’m pulling out one fake match a week and sharing the suggestion with you. You may join me—or not. It’s up to you. But why make a why-you-like-yourself list? I’m more used to focusing on what I need to change about myself. But here goes: What quickly comes to mind is that I’m blessed to have a close relationship with our Savior. And, I like that I have various talents to use in service to him and others. I’m happy I’m motivated to be health conscious enough to exercise and watch my diet. I’m a somewhat organized person, which is good. Though I like people, I enjoy time by myself too, reading, writing, painting, whatever. I’m optimistic about others, not quick to judge. What have I learned? Looking over this list, I’m realizing this is not a brag list. What I like about myself are either outright gifts from God or from what I have learned through No. 1 on my list—my relationship with him.


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