About Friends

An old Scandinavian proverb says, “They are rich who have friends.” I believe that and therefore feel very well off. I’m not the most outgoing person (though I’m getting better) so I thank God for every friend I have. Friends are valuable and should be appreciated and not taken for granted. Why am I going on about friends? I have a new neighbor. She’s a widow like me, but unlike me is very social. She decided the singles, both men and women, in the neighborhood needed an event to get together and get better acquainted. She invited me to her event, which is happening tonight. She said it wasn’t about dating but just for good conversation. I couldn’t do it; I had to say no. No matter her description, it sounded like a singles mingle to me. I could just see myself all awkward and uncomfortable and looking for an excuse to leave. So I wimped out. I hope I haven’t lost a friend.


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