Learning to Say No

If you’re following my weekly matchstick suggestions, this week’s was, “Volunteer in your community.” OK, I’m already doing that, so that’s good. It reminded me though that even a good thing can turn into a problem. When I retired and moved to Texas, I thought with all this “extra” time available why not become a volunteer. So I did. It wasn’t long before I was put on my church advisory board. I became a hospice volunteer and over the years have done everything from office volunteer to president to board member. I joined League of Women Voters and became an officer and took on producing their newsletter. I’m the secretary of our choir, keeping all our many files of sheet music in order. I was on the golf board out where I live, and, oh, yes, I was an officer in our art league as well. On and on I went. I didn’t say no to anyone. The various meetings escalated as did my responsibilities. Yes, I made a lot of wonderful friends, but finally, I was forced to take inventory, cut back and learn to take control of my life. Yesterday, my dear friend Jennifer, our county librarian, called to ask me to fill the position of vice president of Friends of the Library. As much of a supporter of our library as I am, it was tough, but I had to sweetly say, No.

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