Help Me, Lord!

Remember those projects I didn’t do the other day? Well, I remember, because they are scattered all over my guest bedroom. I started on them yesterday, and, of course, in my enthusiasm took on more than I could possible finish. It’s taking more time because things have memories attached and it’s difficult to get rid of them. So, here I am writing about my things while they are staring at me from across the hall. I could shut the door, but that would be a temporary fix at best. I would still know they are there lurking, waiting for me to sort out and trash or recycle what I don’t need. It reminds me of what our pastor Steve Solari encouraged us to do last Sunday. He said to simplify our lives and see how we could add more time with God in our daily schedules. When I look at my life, I have to admit I see some clutter. My life could use some sorting out. Some activities need to be more organized. Some need to be severely trimmed back and others need to be totally trashed! Help me, Lord!


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