Some Things Can’t Wait

Today was the day. I’ve put off several projects for months now. No more. Today is the day to tackle them. Then, I got a text from one of my artist friends, Ginger. She’s been asked to give an inspirational talk at the Stanford House, a senior citizens’ center in Gainesville. She had a topic in mind—God moments in your life—but wanted my feedback and advice on how to present the subject. “Do you want to paint too while you’re here?” No, I didn’t want to paint, but there’s nothing I’d rather do than talk about our relationship with God. So I dropped everything and went to her house and we talked about God and how he communicates with us. We talked about personal God moment experiences and about the loving and forgiving nature of God. We talked about believing that God wants to communicate with us and about expecting and listening for those God moments. We talked about simplifying our lives so we have time for God. He’s our best friend. Close friendships take time. It was wonderful! Those projects can wait a little longer. Some things can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Some Things Can’t Wait

  1. I love it that God talks to me, even the times he left me with goose bumps and tears because I wasn’t listening and he raised his voice! Some are cynical about God communicating with us, but as I read a quote by a child once, “If God lives in us, wouldn’t he show a little around the edges?” But my best answer to those who deny that God would speak to me, or anyone but the church leaders is this: So, when you talk to God, you are praying, but when God talks to me, I am schizophrenic?” Such friends are such a blessing!

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