I Can Do That

For those of you following my matchbox inspirationals (is that a word?), this week I am to smile at people I cross on the street. I’m assuming that’s not while I’m in a car, but otherwise I haven’t crossed many people on the street. Of course, it’s only Monday. On my way from my car to the restaurant after church, I smiled at a couple of women but they were too busy laughing and talking to even notice. In the Thai restaurant, one of my favorite after-church places, one of the waitresses came over and gave me a hug. Wait, hugging was last week or was that the week before? I do make a habit when I’m walking around the neighborhood to smile at people walking their dogs. I usually comment on how cute their dog(s) are as well, unless they’re really ugly (the dogs, not the people). I’m making fun of this, but I’m beginning to think the purpose of the matchbox is not just to inspire me to relate to others more, but also to inspire others to feel better about themselves. I can do that. Want to join me?


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