Not Again!

It happened again! Someone scammed me by sending a fake friend request. I can’t remember what I had for lunch (a bit of an exaggeration, but not much), I got a message from someone I thought I knew and answered it. I got a few words of how are you doing and so forth, which I answered. But that was followed by comments about Publisher’s Clearing House sending me an award. The light went on–a scam. Then almost immediately another friend said she had just gotten a new friend request from me. I hurried to send out a warning message on Facebook not to accept any friend requests from me. Then I changed my FB password and blocked my new “friend.” How aggravating and frustrating! Facebook has a lot of problems and though I wouldn’t put anything on it I wouldn’t want the world to know, it’s the way I keep up with my grandchildren and my friends here and internationally. It’s become a prayer list for me as well because so many share their painful experiences, from illnesses to adverse job situations on Facebook. Some are abandoning FB, but I can’t bring myself to lose that connection with so many I know and love. I don’t know the answer to FB’s problems, but just a warning, be careful about any messages from a so-called friend that involves money.

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