My Matchbox

Among my Christmas gifts was a matchbox. On it are the words, “Spark Happiness, 50 ways to celebrate the everyday.” Inside are fake matches with words intended to “offer strategies for cultivating joy.” The first match read, “Turn a project or task into a celebration: invite friends over to help.” What? My youngest daughter had given me the box because she thought it would be full of joyful inspirational messages for me. I laughed and told her this is just going to add more stress to my life. But, I’ve decided to pull one match out a week and see what it inspires me to do. Last week was to hug more people! Thankfully, I didn’t run into many people I thought would appreciate me hugging them. This week is to make a list of your friends’ best qualities and share it with them. I like that one. My friend Paula just asked me last night if I thought she been the kind of friend to me she should have been last year. (I’m wondering if she got a matchbox too!) Anyway, now I have a list to answer her question. Maybe this matchbox of ideas won’t be so bad after all. (Stay tuned.)

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