A Hopeful New Year?

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’ve just had dinner with some friends this evening. We didn’t stay late so I’m home in time to watch whatever is going on to ring in the New Year. As I look at social media it’s interesting to note the reactions to this yearly calendar change. Some are enthusiastic and positive 2019 will be a better year. Others cringe at what they see as just more of the same grief as 2018. Then there are the hopeful, aware that it’s an imperfect world but still hopeful for some better news next year. Even though I’m a realist when it comes to human nature, I count myself among the hopeful. As I say this, I realize I’m among the fortunate who can afford to be hopeful. I’m not a member of the armed services stationed in some far off country whose life is in constant danger. I’m not a citizen of a third-world country suffering malnutrition or from some horrific disease or concerned about an immediate threat to me or my loved ones. I’m not living in a cardboard box under an overpass somewhere. Knowing this, can I still be hopeful for what the New Year brings? I think so. That’s because my hope is in a person; his name is Jesus. I’m going to enter this New Year ever thankful for his blessings now and ever hopeful for what he is planning not just for me, but also for all people everywhere. Here’s to a happy and hopeful New Year!

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