Question Your Conscience

I’m on my high horse again. Ever since I read, “Conscience is God’s presence in man,” by Emanuel Swedenborg. It’s a popular quote from this 17th century theologian who may have had some right ideas, but not this one. Our innate human conscience can be a good guide, but only if it has been trained properly from birth. It is not, and I repeat, our conscience is not God. Our consciences are formed by our parents, our educators, our particular religious beliefs, our politicians, even what country we live in. That innate sense of right or wrong Swedenborg is talking about can be corrupted. (Read the apostle Paul’s instructions in I Timothy 4:1-5. Also Titus 1:15.) But reading that quote did make me start to inventory and analyze what my conscience is dictating me to do or not to do. There’s some good stuff there, but also a mishmash of old wrong teachings and habits that need to be purged completely. Yikes!


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