Attitude Change Necessary

One of my neighbor’s trees died. We had some strong winds and branches broke off from the dead tree and landed in our yards. The tree is right next to my yard, but not close to my house so no major problem, except the mess. Though I make a regular habit of removing branches from my yard, I thought it’s his tree and his branches, so I’ll wait until he removes them. I waited through the next week, thinking he’ll probably get around to picking them up on the weekend. The weekend came and the branches were still there. So last Sunday afternoon after church, I began dragging limbs to my backyard limb pile. I was not happy. But, as I was making trip after trip dragging limbs, mumbling under my breath, it came to me what I should do. If this had happened to Jesus he would have happily cleared away all of the limbs, including his neighbor’s. So that’s what I did.

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