My Friend Sandy

Several weeks ago I wrote about a friend with recurring bouts of cancer. Though she always displays a positive but realistic attitude about her health, this time when I called her, she was frightened. She had every right to be. Last weekend when one of her sons called her repeatedly, there was no answer. Worried, her son went to her home and found her. She had died, right there at home. I’m shocked and grieved, yet wonder if God didn’t take her quickly so she didn’t have to suffer through her last battle with cancer. I’m going to miss her so much. We were going to get together with other friends for lunch next week. Not only me, but the town is going to miss her. She was active in Friends of the Library and on the Zoo board. She volunteered at Christmas for the Salvation Army, standing out in the cold with her little bell and a smile. She was also a Home Hospice volunteer and she sang in her church choir. In spite of her health problems, she was active in the community. God knows best and he loves you more than we ever can, but we’re going to miss you, Sandy.

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