Reba’s Moving Away

Reba is moving. Who’s Reba? If you lived in the community I live in, you would know. Reba is one of the fun people. She’s the tall woman in the purple shirt, colorful leggings and funny socks. She’s also the first one to greet you with a hug and call you darlin’ when you enter the room. We have played golf together and we line dance in the same group. She admits she’s better at line dancing than golfing but it doesn’t matter, everyone wants Reba on their team. Now that’s she moving west to be closer to her family, our calendars are getting filled up with Reba going-away parties. Yesterday at our WGA golf meeting we wore purple shirts and crazy colored long socks in her honor. She got up and said she loved every single one of us in the room. And we believe her! I don’t know what church she goes to or what her religious views are, but I do know people love people who love people. No one feels they’re not included when Reba’s around. What a gift!

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