Thanksgiving at the Beach

If you’ve been following my meanderings for a while you know I spent Halloween this year at the beach with my niece. Well, my exuberant description of being down at the Texas coast must have sparked a trend. My son-in-law, Bill, called and said, “Don’t laugh. Promise not to laugh!” Then he told me they planned to go to Port Aransas for Thanksgiving. Want to go? So two of my daughters and my son-in-law and yours truly are going to the beach for Thanksgiving. (Yes, I laughed.) Usually our family gets together for Thanksgiving, but this year various ones are traveling to have Thanksgiving with friends or other relatives. We who were left wondered what we would do. So, don’t feel sorry for us. Even if the weather isn’t conducive to sunning or swimming, we’ll be very thankful as we look out at the waves from our lovely warm beach condo.

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