Love Can Hurt

He didn’t mean to hurt his Auntie T. Two-year-old Wyatt was so excited when he saw her, he rushed up behind her and grabbed her around her legs to give her a hug. This sent her tumbling. She has abrasions on the side of her face, shoulder and on her hand, but the worst damage was to her right knee, which she fell on, hard. It’s swollen and painful and she is having to work from home for a few days because she can’t drive until the swelling goes down. Thankfully, with the holiday, it’s a short week. Wyatt and his sister Ella love my daughter, Tina, because she takes the time to get down on the floor and play with them. She’s a fun auntie. When he realized she was hurt, he was so sad. But Tina comforted him, telling him she knew he didn’t mean to hurt her. BTW, this is not going to stop her from going to Port Aransas for Thanksgiving. We’re determined she’s going, even if we have to carry her!

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