The Christmas Program

Does your church have a Christmas program every year? The Christmas story is one of the most beautiful and meaningful expressions of God’s love for us in the Scriptures. But when I received the email inviting me and others to participate in this year’s Christmas program, I was a little leery. Would you like to be on the praise team or read a recitation or act in a skit? Knowing our enthusiastic worship leader’s penchant for funny presentations, I opted for the praise team or recitation. Even when these programs are not supposed to be funny, when you see your friends up there dressed as shepherds or angels, it’s funny! So now I’m to be the narrator of the program.I think I can handle that. Even if it turns out to be funny, at least I’m not trying to act. But it will be all right. Though God himself may be amused at our efforts, I’m thinking he will also be pleased.

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