In a Christmas Mood

A friend put up and decorated her Christmas tree yesterday. We teased her about it. What? Before Thanksgiving? Why so soon? She said she just felt in a Christmas mood. The definition of a “Christmas mood” can be different for different people. Sometime in September or October our choir director will say in fun that it’s only so many days until Christmas. (He has the exact number.) That’s when a groan is heard around the room. Christmas can be a burden or a joy. A burden if we get too focused on all the stuff we have to do, but a joy if we remember what we are celebrating. In the weeks ahead, we will get busy writing Christmas cards, decorating and buying presents. Why not take the time now to get in a joyful Christmas mood. Read the Christmas story, meditate on what it means for us personally and prayerfully thank God for his greatest gift—his Son.

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