From the Mouth of a Child

“I can’t understand why people are so mean to one another when we all believe in the same God,” she said. I was sitting in on our children’s church because no other teacher was available last Sunday. We like to have two people every time. I’m not a regular but with my other volunteer work I had had a background check, so I said I’ll just sit there and keep my mouth shut. The teacher was trying to keep everyone focused on the topic, which was being thankful. So, I opened my mouth. I couldn’t let this pass. “You’re right, we shouldn’t be mean to one another. But, although Muslims, Jews and Christians all believe in God, the Christian religion has something the others do not. We know that Jesus is God; he is divine. We have his grace, mercy and forgiveness. Of all people we shouldn’t be mean to one another.” It wasn’t the time or place to get into a theological discussion, but even children realize something isn’t right when people are mean to one another over religious differences. I wish more adults had that insight.


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