I Made That Motion—First

“I motion,” Lorraine said. I looked over at her and saw she was smiling at Genevieve across from her who said the same words, only a split second late. Then, after another decision was made, Lorraine did it again. That’s when I realized it was a game. We had a lot to decide at our board meeting as we worked toward closing up our year on the women’s golf board, so thus many motions and seconds. Talk about competition—these girls are competitive even in making motions and seconds. I decided I was going to beat them to it so before the president’s next call for a motion hardly got out of her mouth, I said, “I motion!” It was fun, but didn’t last long because we did have a lot of business before us. Some say they aren’t competitive, but I believe we are all competitive in one way or another. And competition can be OK. That’s why we have these great athletes and many of the wonderful innovative inventions we have. But, as we know, competition can have a dark side. Let’s keep competition fun!

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