Do You Remember?

Well, I did it. I finally let go of my landline. I’ve used only my cell phone for years but kept the other line because telephone reception is so iffy out where I live. But when my landline service was down last month, I realized I didn’t need the extra phone or expense. I did without it for a month; I can do without it. To show how long I’ve had that number, my youngest daughter said it was the only number she could still remember. Which made me think, how much do we have to remember any more. Our smart phones have all the answers, and they’re getting smarter every update. Our county librarian Jennifer told me at the last Friends of the Library meeting that she was surprised how many 20 and 30 year olds did not know their way around a computer. They only use their mobile phones, which automatically do the work for them. (“There’s an app for that!”) I don’t take a Bible to church anymore. For one reason because the scriptures are usually displayed on large screens in front, but also because I can look up the scripture on my smartphone so quickly. But, being the old fogy I am, I still use my regular Bible at home because I don’t want to forget what order the books are in. Quick, do you know where the book of Joel is in the Bible? I do. (I didn’t want to lie, so I checked. Yes, it’s still there.) It’s not that I don’t enjoy the new technology, but I hope we don’t lose our minds in the meantime!


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