Fish and Fowl

I’ve eaten lots of fish while in Port Aransas and I’m not even a fish lover. The fresh fish is so good, nothing like what we get at home. My niece can’t believe I’ve actually had fish for lunch and dinner—on the same day! We walked along the beach in the afternoon and then again in the morning, wading in the Gulf and looking for sea shells swept up by the tide. A runner passed us, and an older couple and their dog stopped to say hi. But, with the exception of a few others, the beach was vacant, of human life anyway. One day we drove to nearby Rockport, a direct hit of Harvey, and that art gallery filled town was also ready for business. I’m not saying we didn’t see storm damage wherever we went, we were amazed at how quickly the little coastal towns had been brought back from such a devastating storm. On the third night a thunderstorm came through, dropped the temperature from the 80s to the 70s and lowered the humidity as well. That Thursday was clear and sunny, a great day for bird watching. This area is known for the variety of birds that either live here year-round or migrate through. Our time here has been too short.



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