Halloween at the Beach

It’s a first for me—spending Halloween at the beach. My niece, who works full time dealing with children in crisis, needed a break so here we are at Port Aransas on the Texas coast. She still has phone calls and emails to answer, but there’s time to walk on the beach and read and relax. Port Aransas is one of her favorite getaway places. It’s the non-tourist season so it’s quiet. You can drive along the beach and park if you want to, so we did, stopping to take photos of sand castles made in a Halloween theme. Lots of sand pumpkins of various sizes surrounding a huge ghostly figure, all to be swept away with the tide. We saw the sculptor the next day, beer in hand, taking a break from creating a different scene of churches surrounding a cathedral. We also saw some amateur surfers struggling to get up in rough waves. How did we know they were amateur? Only one even stood a second on his board before he was tossed off. Port Aransas was hard hit by Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017 so we weren’t sure what to expect. Though storm damage is still apparent, Port Aransas is up and running. Most of the beautiful condos along the beach have been refurbished, repainted, windows repaired. Restaurants are serving customers. Gift shops display their wares. Port Aransas is open for business.

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